Mother of three, vegan and go-getter


Tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Jaleesa Isabella. I am a 30 year young mommy with Surinamese roots. I’m married to the love of my life for almost 10(!) years and a blessed mother of one boy (7) and two girls (4 and 2). Since January 2018 I started a sustainable daycare where we teach children sustainability through lifestyle. We let them explore nature and hope to give them love for nature and animals, we eat vegan and use natural products/toys. I was nominated for the VIVA 400 ‘do-gooder’ and Growing Green Citees with my daycare. My company is a extension of my heart and passion in life. To take care of the beautiful earth that we get to live on. Next to my daycare I have a lifestyle blog where I share topics about a healthy and happy lifestyle.

I love plant based food, dancing salsa and and I’m always singing. My youngest daughter always says ‘mama, sssshhht’ when she’s tired of me.

Can you walk us through a typical day with you?

Ofcourse, on a normal weekday I wake up around 6:00 AM. I want to wake up early when everybody in the house still sleeps. I have my quiet time and make myself ready. Because of school we have to leave the house everyday at eight. Not one day is the same! When I bring the kids to school, I usually go to the daycare. 2 days a week I’m working on the group. I also bring my youngest daughter with me. So happy that I can have her with me everyday. On the other days I’ll be doing other tasks for the daycare or spend it with my family or on my blog and other plans like lifestyle workshops and marketing.

Because our life is really busy sometimes we decided to take a cleaning lady, so that when I’m free I don’t have to do much other tasks at home. I love to pick the kids up from school and spend the day with them. A very good tip I once heard is that I give them a cup of hot tea after school. We sit together and talk about the day before they go and play. The tea is so hot that they can’t drink it at once 😉 and are forced to relax, chill and reflect for a moment.

Food plays a big part in my life. We mostly eat plant based and eat a warm meals in the afternoon and at dinner (Yes, twice. I’m a next level foodie). I love to cook and try new recipes. So food plays a big role in a typical day in my life. When the kids go to bed around seven, I’m chilling with my soulmate and sometimes work behind my laptop. Unfortunately I’m usually knocked out at 21:30 so I go to bed very early. This sounds very boring, ain’t it?

How do you balance motherhood and work?

I believe that balance is like a scale and that you will never find the perfect balance. I tried to do it all perfect at the same time. Being a good mother, a good employer. a good wife, sister, friend etcetera.

I kept searching and frustrated because I had the feeling I failed when I didn’t do what I planned to do for work or with the kiddo’s and then there is also something called ‘me-time’. But the moment that I accepted that it’s like a scale I have more peace. There are some days that I have deadlines for work and I need full focus. And on the other hand there are days that I block out to spend it with my family. Planning and setting goals is the foundation for my balance.

What are you most proud of in your motherhood journey?

I’m proud of the fact that I carried three babies and seeing them grow up and having their own characters and seeing them explore life from this close. Where motherhood started, new adventures started. “Your life is over when you are having kids”. You’ve probably heard that before. Well, let me tell you this is not true. I’m proud of the woman I am. I’ve got my bachelor degree during my motherhood and started my own business. I’ve learned so much and giving my best in life because I know that little eyes are watching me constantly in everything that I do. I feel I am the best version of me. I don’t think I would say that when not being a mother.

How would you describe your fashion style?

I think I have a mix of styles. My main style is very casual. But very often I love the boho elements in my clothing. In the last few months I’m focussing on ethical en sustainable clothing. The style isn’t the most important thing for me anymore. The feeling that I have when buying and wearing the clothes are more important. My outfit depends on how I feel when I wake up. Today it can be very classy, but tomorrow just sporty.

Where do you look for fashion inspiration?

To be honest, Instagram! I’m so happy with Instagram. I don’t spend a lot of time on fashion or clothing. I don’t really like to go shopping for a whole afternoon, it’s really exhausting and there are ‘so many’ items. 

But when I see something beautiful on Instagram I can simply click on the link and order it! I’m the happiest when I see “next day delivery”! Next to Instagram I scroll through my favorite webshops to see what beautiful items they have. This is amazing for lazy shoppers like me 😉

Do your kids have their own sense of fashion?

Yes! Both three have such a different style. Salomé my four year old is a little fashionista she really wants to choose what we are buying and love to sit cozy and all and scroll together with me. (Already a lazy shopper like my haha) My son Joachim is the sporty type and wants to wear a jogging suit most days. The smallest one, Imani just loves to change all day and put on her sisters shoes. But she doesn’t like skirts and dresses as much as her sister does.

Has your fashion style changed since becoming a mother?

My fashion style did not really changed since becoming a mother. Often when women become a mother they don’t put any effort in themselves, their outfits or make-up, you know. But I think that this is a choice. Even though familylife is a very busy and sometimes chaotic life, I really want to take the time to look good and feel comfortable and beautiful in the clothes that I’m wearing. Since a few years I’m trying to work with a wardrobe capsule for my (and the kids) wardrobes. So the key-elements are that the items are easy to mix and match. I love earthy and neutral colors but sometimes also playful items.Like the boho elements I talked about earlier.

Jaleesa Isabella is wearing The Pink Leather Jacket by VIDA+JUNE
from The Ready To Wear Collection.
It retails for €140,- womenswear and for €110,- kidswear

Who is your inspiration when it comes to fashion and motherhood?

I don’t really have a particular person that inspires me in fashion. But I get inspired by mothers that choose to buy fair en sustainable clothing. People that refuse to buy from al the big guys like Zara and Primark. But think further than what they see in the stores or if the price is low enough.

I get inspired by them who buy at smaller brands and want to know who have made their clothes. The idea that a kid or modern slave could have made my clothes does not feel good. 

This is a difficult topic for me because these smaller brands often are more expensive and kids are growing so fast! So that’s why I get so inspired by people who are already doing this.

My inspiration in motherhood is my mother. Such a strong woman who has raises me and my three sisters by herself. She has taught me that everything is possible in life if you want it. Also all my (instagram)mom friends are a big inspiration for me. We can share so much and lift each other up in this journey called motherhood. Love you!

What is your parenting philosophy or motto?

See the beauty in all things and let your children be amazed by the beauty of life.

When you are grateful for all the ‘small’ things in your daily life, your kids will too. Teach them young. They are the new generation. And please enjoy of every second with full attention. Life is going fast. even though is sounds cliche. It’s the truth.