All time dreamer, freelance go getter and loving mom



Tell us a little bit about yourself:

I am Gina Pesulima, an all timedreamer, 29 years young, freelance go getter, planner in my family and girl gang but most importantly proud and loving mom of Mex (almost 1,5). My moon child, she brings light to everyone around her.

I love yoga, meditation but I also love dancing at Summer festivals, I’d like to visit museums and tend to cry during every romcom. But what I love above all things is traveling the world with Mex in her carrier. Even though I almost break my back carrying her around nowadays! Up next? Sardinia, Zakynthos and Bali. The last time I visited Bali I was pregnant with Mex. She has seen so many beautiful places from inside my belly. Now it’s time to explore the world together.

Can you walk us through a typical day?
As a freelance single mom with an overly active kid, no day is the same!

With a bit of luck Mex sleeps till 7.00am, but she often wakes up during the night or early in the morning and we end up sleeping a few hours in my bed. When I have to work at a one of my client’s offices it becomes an early morning race against time.

Getting Mex and myself ready pretty much equals a workout, but once we are ready I drop Mex off at my mom’s house and take the train to Amsterdam.

Depending on the job and client on that day my focus is on producing photoshoots, creative writing and creating content. The day really flies by!

If I work from home I plan conference calls and to do’s where focus is required (think: press releases, presentations and website translations) while Mex is sleeping. Working from home is not always a success. Thankfully I can always count on my younger sister, if in any case I need back up.

When I have time off I focus all my time on Mex. We start the day with dancing, singing, coloring and watching Coco (her all time fave movie). After her mid-day nap we head out the door. From having a coffee at our favorite hang-out to feeding farm animals, going to the playground or chilling at a friend’s house. Mex is the cutest girl in the world but also a handful, full of energy so staying at home is not an option.

Twice a week we eat at my parents’ house. Other days I cook, order in or go for dinner with a friend while Mex is having a sleep over at our house with my mom.

I take Mex to bed after a bath and reading time. Then I carve out some computer time and reply to emails. As a freelancer and as a mom you are always on!



What are you most proud of in your motherhood journey?

I am most proud of the journey I have taken as an individual. Motherhood has made me a better person: softer, more patient and vulnerable. Being vulnerable also scares me the most, as I have never felt anything like the love I feel for my daughter. There will always be someone more important than me and I will put Mex above anything else including myself at all times. I realized this even before she was born by moving away from my oh so loved city, Amsterdam and back to the home turf, Ede. Same as when I let my ex, her dad be at her birth even though we were not at good terms back then.

I am proud of the life I created for Mex and myself and I am so grateful for the loving people around us. Finding balance between being the best mom for Mex, keeping my dreams alive and staying focused on my goals makes it every day better and better.

Pesulima is wearing The Fluffy Palazzo by VIDA+JUNE
from The Moroccan Muse Collection.
It retails for €100,- womenswear and for €50,- kidswear

How would you describe your fashion style?

Feminine, boho and colorful with an edgy twist. I like to be well put together on most days but I also learned to appreciate the days where I can just hang out in a cozy outfit. My secret? Wear a stunning trench coat and loafers and nobody will notice it.

During summer I like to wear maxi dresses with cowboy boots and some fake fur or a slip dress with boots (I do always carry heels in my purse) and a denim jacket. If I wear something nice and my hair is working with me; not greasy or lifeless, I keep my make up to a minimal.

Where do you look for fashion inspiration?
It is all pretty much street style driven. I take inspiration from Instagram (accounts like Rat And Boa, Endlessly Love Club, Lovers And Drifters) and my travels. Finding little gems at (vintage) boutiques in cities like Paris and L.A., I just love it.

Has your style changed since becoming mother?

Not really.

Who’s your inspiration when it comes to motherhood?

My loving mother! She arrived from Indonesia in Holland during the 70’s with her mom and siblings. Because she did not grow up knowing what the love of a mom could be, since she was raised by nannies, she was determent that when she would have kids of her own she would give them all they need. And more. So she did! She puts us and the apple of her eye, my Mex, first in everything. And in the midst of that often forgets herself.

I hope I will become just like her. Loving and caring. Even though I do hope I will be able to let go of Mex a bit better when she is all grown up.

What is your parenting philosophy?

Do everything with love, time and attention. And enjoy the little things! My heart melts when I pick up Mex from my parents. She repeats My Mommy, My Mommy while hugging me so tight and giving me a tsunami of kisses. I wish I could stop time right in that moment wishing she would stay like this forever but I know that will not be the case. And that’s OK. Cause I can’t wait to take Mex to New York when she turns 16.