Mother, wife, designer and

Photographs by JESSICA VAN DUREN


The idea for VIDA+JUNE (her youngest daughter’s name) came to Rozenbeek in 2015 when her eldest daughter Amelle was born. ‘I loved the idea of occasionally matching outfits with my daughter but there was nothing out there remotely close to something I’d want to wear as a woman. So, I created it myself.’

‘I made my first trip to the factories when Amelle was 4 months old. Crying my eyes out at the airport with my first designs in my hands. It was the beginning of something I could have never dreamed of’. With her feminine and luxurious designs Rozenbeek transformed the image of twinning and her creations were snapped up by many fashion moms around the world. When asked who inspires her, Rozenbeek replies: ‘My mother was and still is my inspiration when it comes to fashion. As a little girl I remember watching her sew the most beautiful garments for herself and wear it ever so elegantly’. ‘You can imagine how proud I feel now, when I see my mother wear my designs.’

When she designs a new collection, Rozenbeek finds inspiration in everything around her. ’It could be from traveling, artwork or sometimes the fabric will inspire me to design a piece’.  VIDA+JUNE FW18 was inspired by an arctic documentary and it instantly inspired Rozenbeek to create heavy teddy’s and warm luxurious trousers. Besides the collection Rozenbeek takes pride in collabs with illustrators. ‘We work with a different illustrator every collection to design a poster for that specific collection. It has become a collectors Item for most of our clients and I love sharing that love for art. SS19 saw a collaboration with the artist Roeqiya Fris with Morroco being the muse for that collection.


Rozenbeek shares her own home in Eindhoven with her husband Philip and their 2 daughters Amelle and Solenn. Cosy interiors echo her dreamy aesthetic, filled with eclectic pieces, kids artwork on the blue bird walls and market furniture finds. ‘I’m a horder when it comes to souvenirs and little cultural pieces that remind me of a holiday or a trip I made. I love making memories that way’. The couple got married 3 years ago during a small civil wedding while Rozenbeek was 3 months pregnant. ‘It was very small and intimate, it was just about us and I loved that’. The bride wore a white fitted dress from Asos. ‘My dress was pretty but it was nothing special, we were young and just wanted to be married really. We’re still planning to have a big celebration in the Philippines someday and then I’ll go all out on the dress’


You’ll normally find Rozenbeek in a VIDA+JUNE jacket, bold printed trousers and chunky sneakers or boots. ‘They’re my go-to choice of outfit because I’m always on the go with the babies. I want to be comfy but still look like I made an effort’. When asked about balancing work and motherhood Rozenbeek replies: ‘Well honestly there really is no such thing as the perfect balance. My husband and I work around each others schedules to be with the kids as much as possible while they’re small. VIDA+JUNE is my third baby, so really it’s day and night for now. But I’m not complaining. I feel very blessed.’

Besides VIDA+JUNE she favours Baum und pferdgarten, Stinegoya as well as the Danish brand Ganni. Mara Hoffman and DVF. In the winter, unsurprisingly, it’s a different VIDA+JUNE coat for every day of the week. ‘I’ve got so many and they do take up a lot of space, but luckily my husband has been very forgiving’.

Rozenbeek is wearing The Maxi Skirt by VIDA+JUNE
from The Arctic Collection.
It retails for €70,- womenswear and for €60,- kidswear